Virtual Field Trips

A virtual field trip (VFT) is a standards-based activity that allows students to visit any place in the world or beyond the world on the Internet rather than traveling to an actual place.

VFT Guidelines

Tips on Creating Your Own Great VFT

Extensive List of Virtual Field Trips for Various Subject Ares from Simple K-12

Virtual Field Trip of My Favorite Virtual Field Trips Using TrackStar

Create your own free TrackStar account at

List of free Virtual Field Trips from Tramline

Teacher Created Virtual Trips for All Subject Areas

Elementary Example of Using Glogster Edu to create a virtual field trip for students

More Educational Examples of Glogs

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Virtual Tours

100 Virtual Tours You Don't Want to Miss
How to Create a Virtual Tour with Google Earth
Google Earth User's Guide

Google Earth for Each Subject Area

Google Earth and Discovery Streaming (formerly United Streaming)

Google Earth 5 can be downloaded for free at

Google Maps:

Google Art Project

Bing Maps (requires IE)

View and/or Create 360 degree Panoramic Tours with Photosynth

360 degree tours of Utah

Corina's Favorite Virtual Tours

Tie it all together: Using Google Earth, Discovery Streaming, and Glogster

Web Cams

Penguin Cam
Polar Bear Cam
Ape Cam
Panda Cam
Elephant Cam
South Pacific Barrier Reef Cam
Otter Cam
Gator Cam
Shamu Cam

Amazing Animal Webcams (in LiveBinders)
Animal Cams from the National Zoological Park

Assignment Ideas

A good way to keep students focused during the VFT is by preparing a study guide to be completed throughout the trip.

  • Have a general outline and spaces to fill in the information they find

  • Make it look like a trip itinerary

  • Include destinations, places to visit, things to look for (like maps, food, money, climate, etc), and even dates

  • Design a scavenger hunt

Product Ideas

At the end of the trip, have students organize and assimilate what they’ve learned. Have them create:

  • Brochures

  • Newsletters

  • Online poster using Glogster Edu

  • Podcasts (Vocaroo is a free, easy voice recording tool)

  • Travel log, journal, or blog (Kidblog is a free, safe blogging platform for teachers and students)

  • Newscasts using iMovie or Movie Maker

  • Educational websites such as a Wiki, Track Star

  • Multimedia presentation such as VoiceThread

  • Interactive Timelines

Other Resources

Rubrics for Teachers

Collaboration with Other Schools

Skype in Schools

Video Conferencing Opportunities